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Battery Chargers
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Battery Chargers
Battery Chargers
Portable Charger
Can charge all types of batteries- VRLA, Ni-Cd, lead acid
Fully automatic charging (just connect the battery & forget)
300W / 600W models
Nominal-12V, 24V, 30V, 36V, 48V 
SMPS technology used - Highly efficient, can accept wide mains variation
True CV-CC characteristics quickly charges battery
Correct charging technique prolongs battery service life, reduces battery replacement & maintenance cost drastically.
Compact, light weight, portable with handle.
Rugged MS enclosure - table top or both panel / wall mounting.
Deeply discharged battery can be revived
FLOAT, BOOST Voltage levels can be pre-set to suit different types of batteries. Also adjustable charging current.
Input protected by MCB
Battery reverse protection by MCB
Digital meters to monitor battery voltage & charging current
LED indications for FLOAT & BOOST Mode
Optional Features:
Can charge all types of batteries- VRLA, Ni-Cd, lead acid
Fully automatic charging (just connect the battery & forget)
Flexi Charger
Flexi Charger
50W Size: 96w x 96h x 180d (mm)
100W Size: 192w x 96h x 150d (mm)
Same charger can be used for charging 6V/ 12V/ 24V batteries
Float/Boost LED indication, battery select switch and LED
Battery select switch - used to select 6V/12V /24V battery. Battery parameters set automatically.
The Charger can be configured into maximum 4 types of battery charging modes.
Any combination is possible. eg. 6V/1A, 12V/1A, 12V/2A, 24V/1A
OEM Charger
OEM Charger
250W Model Size : 290w x 100h x 140d (mm)
Std. Ratings : 12V/15A,24V/7.5A,48V/3.5A
500W Model Size : 290w x 125h x 200d (mm)
Std. Ratings : 12V/30A, 24V/15A, 48V/7A
Input Single phase or Three phase
Auto/MANUAL selection, Float/Boost LED indication
Pots for setting Float and Boost voltages
maximum charging current internally limited
User can precisely set Float and Boost voltages depending on type of battery - Lead Acid, SFM, Tubular, Ni-Cd etc.
Used for charging medium and high AH batteries by Panel manufacturers, Telecom racks UPS manufacturers, Battery Charger manufacturers
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