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In modern world day after day technology is changing very fast and we have to keep in pace with present technology. Sensors made in yester years.

were little bigger in size, hence, with vigorous thought we successfully innovated more than 300 sensors of small sructure. These sensors are not only accomodative but also good for users.

Inductive/Capacitive / Namur/ Analogue (Dia 6-50 mm)
Reflective / Retro refelective / Diffused
Reed Switch / TTL Pick-Up
Mark Detector, Fork Sensor, Ink Level controller, Web Sensor, Fiber Optic, Laser Beam, Float Switch, Flight Trigger, Variable Sensing Distance.
Stopper cum Proximity Switch
Import Substitution :
These are direct one to one replacement for many imported switches and are widely used in stacking positions
IR-Reflective / Defused :
For sensing any material, metallic or non-metallic by opto - Electronic principle
Mark Detector :
For detecting print marks on packaging papers on auto-packaging machines or paper reels on cutting machines, toothpaste filling machines and general with those system which requires positioning of the print mark.
Capacitive Type :
To sense all materials, metallic or even non-metallic material like paper, water, chemicals, powder, leather, wood, plastic, granules etc. generally used to monitor / control level in tank containing granules, powder, liquid or any other material.
Variable Sensing Distance :
Analogue Switchers having output directly from oscillator circuit. Fine trimming of the sensing distance is possible.
Stopper cum Proximity Switch :
Housed in plastic body with replacable S.S. plunger assembly. The S.S. plunger as a positive stopper for Pneumatic and Robotic assemblies and has direct input protection upto 2 tones. Stroke length can be adjusted precisely.
Operating Voltage 80-250 V 6-30 V 3-12 V
Max. Allowable Ripple NA 10% 10%
Voltage Drop. 4V 0.8-2 V 0.8 V
Hystersis 15% 15% Max 15% Max
No Load current 10 mA 8 mA 8 mA
Maximum Freq. of operation 15 Hz 2 KHz 2 KHz
Ambient Temp : 25° to 75° C
Annunciation by LED Indication
Standard Cable : 2 Mtrs
Specifications for NAMUR Type
Niminal voltage 8.2 V Not Activated sign 3mA
Current Consumption side 9 mA Activated side 1mA
Control Unit for regular switches
High ambient temperature upto 120°C
Rectabgular shape front/side plane sensing
Higher switching freq. Other different shapes like Ring type, Fork type, Plain cylindrical type etc.
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