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Labeler Applicator
Labeler Applicator

Microtech Systems is a high performance self-adhesive Label Applicator designed to be integrated into packaging lines where production speed and reliability are primary needs. Microtech Systems labelers are based on an innovative mechanical structure which can match great sturdiness with versatility.

It is available in three versions, S, M and L, for label widths up to 100, 200 and 300 mm. respectively. The label driving group has been designed to exploit the stepper motor features to the full, by guaranteeing an accurate label positioning even at the highest production speeds; the side access has made the web threading easier.

The label applicator is controlled by a powerful microprocessor, with a multi-language display and function keys, which allow for the running of advanced functions by relieving the operator from complicated mechanical adjustments and considerably speeding up the format changeovers.

In more detail, the following functions are available
Sre-dispensing adjustment in tenths of mm
Speed adjustment by 0.1 m/min.
Labelers delay adjustment in mm.
Acceleration/deceleration ramp adjustment
Storing of different labelers  formats
Automatic recovery of a missing labels
Progressive and regressive pieces counter
Automatic removal of double detection
Shift register between product sensor and label positioning point
End-of-roll alarm and web break alarm
Contact for connection to other systems
In addition to the sophisticated standard devices, Microtech Systems can be equipped with an array of options which increase its range and performance:
supplementary unwind unit
powered unwind unit for larger reel up to 400 mm
hot foil printing unit
label sensor for transparent material labels
pneumatic and air-blow applicators
checking device for near end of reel
checking device for performed product labeling
no-stop electronic device for sequentially-placed applicators
control of automatic speed adjustment, via encoder
pre-set for serial Interface connection to a PC
Labeler The characteristic feature of Microtech Systems Labeler are that it can integrate all SATO thermal transfer printing systems (and also DATAMAX and ZEBRA) that allow to print in real time batches, sell-by dates, bar codes, progressive numbering and graphics, etc., as well as to identify and decorate products by opening up an extremely wide range of options.
Finally, where linear speeds, production rates, autonomy and labeler  precision are peculiar elements for functioning of systems with high investment value it is available a model particularly performing version of theMicrotech Systems (model of proved reliability during the 5 years of its spread on the world market) called. Microtech Systems is stronger and harder in the structure than the starting model; and it is also equipped with a 350 mm diameter unwind unit and an oversized and motorised rewinder unit for the silicon paper, to get more working autonomy: crucial characteristic, this, above all when at 60 m/min (80 options) linear speeds and 800 pieces/min cruising rate, the unwind exhaustion happens quickly. In extreme cases it´s possible to resort also to a - no-stop - device between two labeler  machines in cascade connection, that allows the unwind change without stopping the line. The Maan machine body is IP55 and the control box is anti water INOX.
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