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Shrink Sleeve Applicator
Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Microtech sleeve is an auomatic applicator of  heat shrink sleeves, providing true tamper evident protection of caps and closure for food, cosmetic and chemical products. Its functioning cycle includes sleeve distribution (the height is programmable or, for pre-printed sleeves, Controlled  by a mark sensor ), cutting and opening. When the product passes through, the sleeve is placed in position by a synchronized mechanism activated by a photocell, at the maximum speed of 80 products per minute. Microtech Sleeve is controlled by a PLC with display and keyboard allowing the operator to enter the operational parameters. The machine is equipped with a 400 mm unwind unit, for sleeves from 30 up to 150 mm lay-flat ( for caps of 20 to 80 mm diameter).

It can be equipped with a longitudinal perforation device to make it easier for the consumer to tear off the sleeve. Microtech sleeve may also be configured for the application of full-body sleeves in order to create great decorative effects.Microtechsleeve is compact, modular and, with its floor stand unit, can be easily integrated into existing production lines.
Technical Specifications
Sleeve lay flat 20/150 mm
Sleeve height 25/120 mm
Production rate up to 80pcs/min
Power supply 380V-50Hz-1000W
Air supply 5bars-50lt/min
Shrink Sleeve Applicator
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